Aside from being an award-winning Content Writer with brief stints on the government’s most prestigious watchlists, I’m a fairly competent Graphic Designer, Photographer, Script Writer, and PowerPoint Expert. Here’s a brief showcase of some of my best work with all the profanities removed for your consideration. If you’d like to monitor me further, check my guest posts on What’s Hot, and Business Insider. You can also reach out to me via email at You will not be able to find me on social media, so don’t even try


Woodside Inn: Beer, Burgers, And Open Borders

Woodside’s Inn’s Beer & Burger Festival is one of the few staple Mumbai traditions that have survived the trials of time and deluge. Now in its 11th year, this food festival, where each burger and its corresponding beer pairing is inspired by a beautiful region of the world (and Ethiopia), has been on our radar for as long as we can remember…

I was trained in photography by none other than the National Geographic Society’s very own Mr. Adil Guzder. My camera of choice is the Nikon D-3200, but I can work with Canons if you threaten me hard enough. I’m still very much a practitioner of photography, and these days you can catch me taking photos of unsuspecting women from high vantage points…


Soy, Pali Naka; Authentic, Low-T Asian Food

We’ve received severe backlash for daring to suggest in the past that soy is part of a UN conspiracy to turn men into women. So naturally, you could only imagine how infuriated we were upon discovering that a restaurant bearing the name of the one thing we opposed above all else set up shop mere minutes away from our secret Bandra headquarters…


Are Any Of Bombay’s Beaches Worth Visiting?

The Bombay Report presents its second hit single, ‘On a Bombay Beach’, written and performed by Derrick, our Intern. It is a soft rock ballad, a tale of a young man from Bombay wrestling with the urge to kick off his sandals and visit one of his city’s great beaches. Are we writers or are we rockstars?

Why Everyone Needs Their Own Dive Bar

At The Bombay Report, we’re constantly pushing the boundaries of what is possible with right-wing food journalism. ‘The Bar With No Name’ is a jazz tribute to all the anonymous bars out there that get us through difficult times. The only thing we enjoy more than Bombil fry and beer is cultural appropriation; so please enjoy.


Make Me A Sandwich is a spy-themed show about Mumbai’s finest burgers, and the stories of how they came to be. This web-series is hosted by Vladimir, who’s spent 17 years not in the KGB. My team at The Bombay Report & I created these short and informative videos with a non-existent budget back in 2018, and they’ve been extremely well received; gaining thousands of views on the website and tens of views on YouTube. We’ve also created some parody videos which Instagram and Facebook have yet to remove for clearly violating their terms of service.