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Information I Collect

By using my services you are agreeing to give me all your personal information like your, IP address, email id, home address and mother’s maiden name. I’d say I require this information to give you the best possible experience, but my legal team tells me that I cannot blatantly lie; only purposefully mislead.

Information You Give Me 

From time to time, you may fill my questionnaires and surveys on the site, all this information is handled with utmost respect and sold solely to the highest bidder. also reserves the right to come to your house and waterboard you for data if the marketers demand.

Use And Retention Of Data uses your personal information to spy and possibly incriminate you and your friends. I store your data in a pen-drive hidden under my pillow.

Sharing Of Information does not share your information with third parties and advertisers, I only sell your information to third parties advertisers, and my best friend who’s the Prince Of Nigeria. I may occasionally be forced to share the information I collect about you to government agencies on request, but only after throwing an initial fuss.

Usage Of Images And Content

You may freely share all the images and content on this website provided you credit me both as the author and God Emperor of mankind. If not, I will sue you. I know my rights.

Fine Print

By accessing this website, you are consenting to the forfeiture of your first born.


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