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art header
artwork blue mountain
artwork dark mountain
artwork ukulele
artwork palm tree
artwork hitler
artwork nightfall
artwork trump
artwork mountain sun
artwork sunset trees
artwork sunset
artwork spartan
artwork skull
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New On Andy's Blog

Some would say that Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is perfection, but they clearly haven’t tried out Copland; a mod that’ll bring in submarines, F-1 race cars, and a whole goddamn island…

Some would call it a cliche gangster story, others would say it’s GTA 4, with better looking cars. Maybe it’s a bit of both, but one thing’s certain; Mafia 2 is still one of the most gorgeous games ever made.

Few debates inspire as much passion & acts of violence as Old Monk Vs. Captain Morgan. Though many have ruminated the answer, today I, using the scientific method, will come to a verdict…